I have not always been a fan of Martha Stewart.  No really good reason other than her place is always so  much cleaner than my own, which is not really a good reason.

Martha’s chickens sitting on her homemade roosts.


Anyway, I have recently warmed to her for one basic proposition–she is a chicken mom.  Actually, it seems that she has chickens, ducks, turkeys…she doesn’t seem to be one who does things by the half measure.

My sister-in-law, Rachel, brought an article, which I cannot find, but I did find an interesting clip from her show:  Martha Stewart on chickens.  Although she gives good, solid advice, I would disagree with her recommending a heat lamp for the roost for cold temperatures.  With our experience with an inadvertent forced molt, such supplemental heat, actually it is the supplemental light, should be used with care and sparingly.

I am wondering if there is a good way to introduce low-level heat without the light…

I have also read that a roost should not be too large, nor too small.  Hers seem on the large side.  I shall investigate for a future post, about posts…

If you go looking for chicken information on Martha’s many websites, be prepared to find lots of recipes.  She is way short on chicken advice, which I find interesting.  She has lots of cooking, cleaning and dog posts, but scant chicken.  Perhaps she will work on that.

Ms. Stewart has a picture-perfect farm, for which I am annoyed with her by implication.  But, she has happy and health chickens, so her place must be, on the whole, a good thing.