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Stanley likes apples


Well, he likes the leaves. He did not, though, like the actual apples when offered for a treat.Stanley eating apple tree leaves

We are still looking for a good treat to help train him. So far he takes to a leash fairly well. The goat harness came in today, so we will see how that helps in leading him around.

Can goats eat “stickers”?

I grew up in West Texas where we called these little toe terrors “stickers”.  They were the bane of barefoot fun, and I was deeply saddened to see them this far north. They have shown up, in small numbers, in our garden, and each year I try to cull and kill them into extinction.  They are winning.

The official flower of Texas

The official flower of Texas

As we were taking Stanley on a tour of the garden today, watching him sample all the plants (weeds only right now), I offered him a sticker plant. He ate the whole thing like it was a pod of peas. Hi did not seem to mind the pokey “peas”. Is this ok? I would love to get him these terror peas, but I am unsure of his gastric health. I mean, they say that goats eat everything, but does that mean everything? Will he self-regulate?

Meet Stanley. He’s a goat.

Pappa, as part of his campaign for state circuit judge, has been making the rounds to the local fairs. Last Thursday he sat in on the 4H small livestock auction.

“Oh, that poor boy is not getting a good price,” he says and starts bidding up his animal. Shortly, after the auctioneer shouts “sold!” does Rebecca lean over and say to him. “You just bought a goat.”

I got to the fair shorty after, and we wondered off to check out the


poultry when we stumbled on the goat and sheep pens. Finding “Kid Rock” wasn’t too hard, and we started talking to the young 4Her about his goat.

Tori’s text was short and to the point, as it came in about that time: “Pappa doesn’t want to butcher the goat. Can I keep him?”

Stanley is now penned and quartered with Bruiser the anti-social rooster. We shall see if that will be enough companionship for poor Stanley.

How do you raise a goat?

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