It has been, if I am correct, quite a long time since the past post.

Let me bring you up to date…or at least get a running start at doing so.

Last fall we attempted to incubate about two dozen eggs in an incubator.  It was an exciting project to undertake, and we were doing it right.  We bought a log-book to record the activities, noting each of the three-a-day turns (“is it the ‘x’ side or the ‘o’ side?”), recording out attempts at candling (“Is that something right there?”) and temperature settings.

Then day 18.

It is about that time that the final turn is made in chicken development.  An increase is humidity is to occur (from mid 30% to around 60%), and one more day until no more turning (day 19 or three days before maturity/hatch date).

LED digital clock radio with analog AM/FM radi...

Blinking from an overnight power outage, the alarm set off alarms.

We woke up to a blinking alarm clock.  There are few reasons an alarm clock blinks.  The most immediate is that it has been reset due to a power outage.  Instead of 7:00 AM, the clock blinked 3:25.  We lost about 4 hours.  Even though we tried to regulate the temperature (our hand-me-down incubator had a sensitive little straight knob that adjusted the temperature), the temperature seemed to bounce around more wildly than we were comfortable with.

Day 18 we lost all our eggs/chicks.  The postmortem indicated that we had a high development rate up until the power outage.  Devastated, we focused on our mature birds through the record-low setting winter.

It just didn’t seem like the writing kind of period.

(to be continued…)