Nothing like starting off the new year with a new blog.  This is our first post for our chicken-themed blog, even though the whole family has been talking about what posts we would write as we go about our daily chicken tasks. Who knew chickens could be so absorbing?  Who knew there was so much to learn about chickens?

I had been told: “Chickens are easy.  They are so easy. All you do is put down scratch and water.”  For the uninitiated, scratch is a form of feed made up of large seeds (corn, etc.), but not the only one, and our life was not confined to scratch and water.  We have bought mash feed (more finely milled grain for daily feeding), built coops, built nesting boxes, raised chicks and lost chickens to predators.

Winter scene of the chicken garden

Winter in the chicken garden

The chickens are, in large part, an extension of our garden, an almost-organic garden, designed to supply the family with fresh produce. We have come to rely on the eggs and the chicken antics to keep us entertained.  Stick with us – we’ll try to pass it along to the family and friends interested in our latest chicken endeavors.